Promising attractions on a delightful Hudson Cruise

August 21, 2019

Hudson River is one of the prominent landmarks of New York City. The mighty river has almost encircled Manhattan, and this is what the cruise is all about - to see Manhattan Skyline. So when I say I took the Hudson C I did not plan to sit behind and enjoy the ambiance but positioned myself on the front deck in the soaring wind, taking the city has to offer.


Cruise starts from eastern Manhattan riverside and goes on till they cover western side, including the southern tip. Our river cruise started at 6.30 pm but let me tell you what we did before that.




What happened before the cruise

We went to the rail dockyard located facing the river; it has a beautiful pathway to build over and around it so that people can have a clear look at the trains stationed at that place. It also afters a great view of Hudson and the New Jersey skyline. So if you ever arrive early for the cruise then this is a must-see place for you.




Back to the cruise

We reached Pier 83 which by Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises, hopped on the cruise boat at around 7 pm and waited for all the seats to fill. This boat had a bar and a drink counter. While the cruise started, we could see people enjoying a drink while the skyline glitters in front of their eyes.

The cruise started from the Midtown and while the cruise boat traveled further, the southern tip was visible from the fact that the Statue of Liberty was getting closer and closer. Now this is the most exciting part I was looking forward to.


Statue of Liberty

We came out on the open deckor was I already there? Not important) along with others to click Liberty enlightening the world. There was one sweet spot in the journey where we could see Manhattan skyline on one hand & the statue on the other.

The cruise gets more exciting if you have got a witty guide accompanying you. Enjoying the mischievous commentary, we sailed forward towards another iconic landmark i.e. Brooklyn bridge.


Brooklyn Bridge

The one which many looks forward to enjoying - the one many of us have seen in many American movies - the one which unites many of the NYC's forlorn lovers seen also in the movies - so romantic. It is spectacular to watch how this bridge connects skyline of two astonishing boroughs - Manhattan and Brooklyn and looks amazing while doing so. The bridge sparkled in the black sky. It was obviously a different experience to go under it against going over it.



Another perspective you get while being on a cruise is that the skyline is constantly changing and you get perfect shots of the skyscrapers standing proudly on the medieval streets of Manhattan. One of them is the Empire State Building which is now I have seen from a 5th angle, (rest of the shots you can check in another of my post 20 interesting things to do in New York City). Next was the Crysler which is the tallest brick building in the world giving competition to the Empire State Building. I was awestruck and inspired by the epic monuments in front of me.


Manhattan Bridge

The Manhattan Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects Lower Manhattan with Downtown Brooklyn over the East side of the Hudson River. IT is one of the three bridges which connects Manhattan to Brooklyn


We advanced further on the cruise and we could see United Nations Headquarters along the way which on the river bank too.


Hudson flows through the heart of New York City and it has amassed many amazing landmarks on its bank spanning from the West to the east of Manhattan so a cruise in the river is the best option to see them all at once, I have so many -worthy shots from this tour which I have already flooded in this post. So if you want to picture NYC with a landscape view this is your chance. The mammoth and fascinating New York Skyline is waiting.

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