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May 17, 2019

This post is a part of our 7 day itinerary of Darjeeling and Gangtok sightseeing which we did on our honeymoon. Here, I will take you to a local tour of Gangtok city's awesome and mesmerizing places and check out the total Gangtok sightseeing cost.


On that day, we saw mainly 10 locations on the local tour at our own pace as it was a private tour we booked on the previous day after reaching Gangtok from Darjeeling. We did not want to book our tour in advance before the trip as we wanted to checkout the local tours and other options locally.

The Gangtok sightseeing taxi fare was Rs. 1800 for the day.


1. The first one on our 1 day itinerary was Flower exhibition centre.


This was the first point in our sightseeing. It was a great way to start our day be looking at beautiful flowers exclusive to the Himalayan region. We paid Rs. 30 each as the entry fee and the flowers were ours to look at and clicked pictures with. We could have completed the whole activity in around 30-45 minutes but we had to take photographs and selfies with the beautiful orchids lying around. There was a small overpass on a small man-made pond, some zig-zag paths around the exhibit which made it like a small ecosystem. 


As we went in March which is summer, flowers were in full bloom everywhere. It was colorful Sikkim all under one roof, I would say. Animesh, my husband clicked various pictures of mine, why wouldn't he, it seemed like a perfect spot. So overall we took more than an hour to rush (if you call our wonderment at every flower, clicking selfie with every other, rush) through the whole exhibit. What a perfect start to the sunny day! 

2. Ganesh , watched Kanchanjanga


After we with selfies with the flowers, We went to Ganesh Tok. It is a Hindu temple of Lord Ganesh. Other than being a temple of worship, it is also a viewing spot, which offers a magnificent view of Kanchanjanga mountain range and the city of Gangtok itself. What a picturesque view!



There were multiple vendors in the vicinity, where we rented ethnic clothes which belonged to Sikkim culture and tradition. They even provided photography services in which you get a hard copy of your pictures wearing the ethnic wear for around Rs.100.


3. Plant Conservatory, the botanical garden


After enjoying the wonderful Ganesh Too, we went to botanical Garden. It has many species of plants. It is full of many plant species. The garden is a part of a hill or an elevated region so it made me I was trekking some mountain. Once I reached the top, it felt like I surmounted a peak. They have beautiful pathways and steps to reach every corner of the designated area



We trekked above the hill for some time and the trail led us to a waterfall present on the same premises. It was a nice spot to click photographs with the waterfall on one side and the beautiful view on the other. We had that spot just for ourselves to relax; we soaked in the beauty and the quiet around and we then rolled down the hill (not literally, stop checking out the pictures) and saw a greenhouse where many beautiful flowers were growing. It is a wonderful place, full of various trees, plants and flowers all over the place.



4. Lhasa Falls


On our way to Tashi View point we came across the Lhasa falls. The waterfall was not active as this was summer but saw people doing rock climbing and rappelling over the falls. It is a small waterfall which might not attract many visitors but it was on our way and this made it our duty to stop at eye-catching places.

5. Tashi View Point


This is the most  place of all places in the sense that our guide told us it has a great view of the Himalayas (and it was not a lie) on most of the sides. It has an observation deck at the top. It also has a restaurant along with dragon statues on the deck. 



They also have multiple sitting arrangements so that anyone can relax and enjoy the view for eternity. However our eternity ended as we had to see other landmarks.

We came at an appropriate time to Tashi View point as after an hour the clouds then covered it. 

Tip: It is better to visit the place in the first half of the day as the view gets blocked by clouds sometimes, even in summer.


6. "Gonjang" Monastery


Did we ever tire of the beautiful views of Gangtok and its Mountain ranges. The answer is, NEVER. 



7. Had Maggi at  Waterfall




8. Do  Chorten Monastery





9. Traditional Tibet Museum


Traditional Tibet Museum




10. Ban Jhakri Falls Park







Liked this blog post? Let us know how you feel about Gangtok sightseeing tour, in the comments section.


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