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That old time when I visited crazy NYC

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

When I was exploring crazy NYC, I came across some intriguing structures.

I exactly didn't know what some of them represent so I came up with a humorous perspective of my own. If I got some laughs out of you, my purpose is solved, if not, then

I need a new purpose. So get ready to chuckle about the time when I visited crazy NYC!

Some fancy clothing souvenir, New York

Let's start with this skyscraper.

1. Jenga for Giants: I wonder if they ever take out a Jenga block from the building, does it tumble down?

2. Such perfect symmetry, very satisfying to the eye.

3. I call this a Needle apartment: Our inside joke is, the apartment is so thin that it might not even get wet on a rainy day.

4. Almost: This structure was almost standing upright but a rush of the wind changed it all and nothing was ever the same again.

5. Souvenirs: I would have bought it but then the chance to show off my NYC souvenirs to my family was bleak.

6. Button: The needle apartment in point 3 might just pass through this button.

7. Cute NYPD vehicles: This is what I liked the most in NYC. Imagine police officers getting out of the car and going like "This is NYPD, you have a right to remain silent" or something on the same lines. Of course, this scene would only appear after the criminals are caught with all the high-end, action-packed chasing scene.

8. Charging bull: Will people ever let the bull charge, EVER?

9. A clock on a block: Who needs a wall clock in homes, if you have this in your locality.

10. Nutella challenge: The minute figurines are in tremendous stress as to how to eat this whole mountain of Nutella. If someone offers Nutella of my size to me, I would be in stress too.

11. Looks like, these kids are peaking into their neighbor's apartment.

12. Vintage: Nothing funny here, just that I got a break from watching all the 'yellow' coming from the NYC cabs.

13. Staircase in a bowl: If I ever step on, in here, my fear is I would never get to go out and will continue to walk in an infinite loop.

14. So my guess is they created a flower sculpture somewhere and planted the remaining petals here.

15. Subway Station: A world map is drawn underground at one of the subway stations, I guess, to locate the NYC subway routes except that I need a detailed NYC map to locate the subway routes.

16. NYC Subway map: Oh! Here it is.

17. JFK Airport: The escalators & lifts at JFK airport were out of service so they took everyone out like this, even the mannequins.

18. A make-up vending machine: Well, there is hope, after all for humanity. In the post-apocalyptic world, I will definitely dig this.

19. Nothing quirky here, just my sneakers at ONE WORLD observatory looking over the camera feed of 102 stories below.

20. Really? Just go out, find your own and make people laugh!

Hope you got few laughs out of it, let me know in the comments, check out my website and go through the other humorous encounters I had during my various transitions.

Hudson River

Charging Bull

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