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Sunset cruise Tampa: Things you need to know

Updated: May 15, 2019

Riverside sunset cruise, Tampa is a great way to have a view of the city at night. This was my first time being on a cruise, ever. The 90-minute tour was worthy of being the first ever experience for me plus is a great way to experience and watch Tampa skyline at night.

Tampa River cruise with live music performances


I was searching online to book the Yacht Starship cruise and came across the 'Groupon deal' of 50% off on the ticket. So the $35 ticket(no meals included) was reduced to a half. With some smart research, money got saved. You have to keep an open eye for ongoing deals.


Paid parking is available near Channel-side drive at the Garrison Surface Lot which is located in front of the Yacht Starship dock. You can also find a Starship ticket booth available there.

During holidays the parking fee might spike up so it is better to take an Uber.

#Cruise Day

The day we took the cruise it was raining even while waiting outside the venue and we thought this might tamper the tour. However, we didn't have to worry so much as they have air-conditioned cabins on multiple levels for people to hang out, equipped with a bar.

As soon as I boarded the ship the feeling of seeing something for the first time got me

and I screamed (in my mind obviously, I thought of not ruining the experience for others).

We got our photos clicked upon boarding making it our cruise souvenir, which was available for purchase later. The crew welcomed us inside. As it was still raining lightly, people were chatting and enjoying the cruise atmosphere on the open deck and the live band was getting set up to create a classic ambiance for the cruise goers.

We went inside to get us some #drinks and the much-awaited cruise started.

The dining section had reserved available seats for people to have their privet dinners. Trying to be funny as always, I played with my drink for some time as it had disco lights at the bottom.

Tampa river cruise: My sparkling drink with LEDs at the bottom

The beautiful #Tampa #Skyline was visible all along and we danced our night away, to the songs and music performances.

The presence of live music made the atmosphere mesmerizing with Tampa city as a backdrop. We were happy that we could escape the hassles of daily life and get on the cruise at a reasonable price.

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