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Safety Harbor Pier - The amazing and spectacular waves calm you!

Updated: May 15, 2019

I have been to Safety Harbor multiple times including on the 4th of July.

Safety Harbor Pier is located over the Mobbly bay in the Tampa Bay area overlooking the W Courtney Campbell Causeway which connects it to Tampa and is around 20 miles from there.

The water at Safety Harbor is pretty shallow and makes you wanna relax with the calming sounds of the tiny waves. It is more of a tourist spot and less of a harbor in a conventional way.

Phillipe Parkway, Tampa, Florida

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When I went there for the first time, I saw it as quite a silent place where I could see people bringing their pets for a walk and having kind of small pet get together.

There is a small Veterans memorial marina park near the pier, overlooking the bay.

The Pier gives an awesome view of the bay and the causeway ahead and if you look behind you always get to see the small town that is Safety Harbor.

The setting is lively with all the places like

  • Restaurants

  • Spas

  • Museum

  • Pubs

  • Parks

  • Safety Harbor city marina (with the park yachts), etc.

  • An area in the bay for riding a jet ski

  • Phillipe Parkway, etc.

4th of July

I was so looking forward to the fireworks that night as I already missed the morning parade.

When I and my friends reached there, I saw people already grabbing prominent spots with their tents and beach chairs, on the grounds. So I took a note for future references.

There were vendors by the road, selling lemonade, beer, hot dogs, popcorn with other things.

We grabbed a spot near the pier so that the fireworks would be visible when they start.

So around 9 PM, they started with different speed, intensity and lights of their own and I felt like its daytime. It was amazing to watch the whole show which went on for like 20-30 min. I didn't look at my watch, to be honest, so lost track of time.

Safety Harbor is a nice family gateway, is suitable for pet lovers and those who prefer peace and quiet.

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