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Howard Park Tarpon Springs FL - A stunning and delighted memory

Updated: May 15, 2019

As soon as I reached Fred Howard Park Tarpon Springs FL, I felt like they could have made this into a private beach just to soak in the setting sun. I regretted bringing my beach chair.

Unlike other #white sand #beaches I had explored, this was not a commercial beach. It is suitable for those who want to spend a quiet, relaxed evening, watching the sunset.

The privacy and peace it offers around the island are amazingly breathtaking.

#Fred #Howard #Park is located on the west coast of Florida in #Tarpon springs. It is connected to the mainland with almost a mile long causeway which in itself is a treat to watch.

There is an option to park vehicle free of cost on the mainland and talk a mile long walk OR drive your way directly to the beach and get a paid parking ($5).

#Beach side

It is a nice spot to take kids and have a bit of a picnic of your own. The really small waves (or lack of it) makes the beach quite #soothing and safe for kids to play around.

I created my own area after placing my #beach #towel and got relaxed for the upcoming sunset.

The palm trees kind of decorates the beach with the aura of their own.


There was hardly any person present there when I went on one of the sides of the beach. It's a great spot to enjoy your long walks and having a bit of a place to yourself.

Panoramic view of Howard Park beach

There were #calmness and peace around the minute island, the #striking #sunset and #palm trees make it a worthwhile venue to visit.

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