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Blacklight run Tampa: a popular and brightest marathon of my life

Updated: May 15, 2019

Getting into a 5K run with blacklight was not what I had thought when I first heard about it.

Read to know more about how surprised I was with the Blacklight Run Tampa.

Blacklight run in Tampa

This is an event I had been to, and which I had not planned for. I woke up one morning with no solid plans in mind, for the day, sitting idle. Suddenly we got a call in the afternoon from my husband's friend who told us about #Blacklight run happening in Tampa. Being a bit of the enthusiast we reached the venue and registered for $15 each. We got a white T-shirt and glowing #gears to go.

I was overexcited about what was there in store for me as none of us knew anything other than running a marathon which happened in the month of August on Tampa's Florida State Fairgrounds. We came to know that they work with children's charities and helps raise funds for terminal illnesses.

Now before I go forward with my story, you might have guessed that it happened at night and thus the glowing liquid came into the picture.

So before the race starts, the glowing liquid, with different colors, has to be sprinkled on your body and clothes so that your body glows in the dark looking a bit like a ghost and have some fun running.

I saw people wearing various glowing accessories like bracelets, bands, shoes, fancy glowing eyeglasses. It was amazing to see such a creative and colorful crowd late at night.

Blacklight run in Tampa: After Party

Back to the #race - The organizers enabled runners to start with multiple batches with every batch leaving in tentative minutes. So at around 8.30 PM, I started running. So during the marathon, it was not required to run or sprint, you could jog or talk a walk (or may a shortcut) and have fun while doing so. There were small water stations built along the track.

I saw designated areas along the 5K track where you could get more glowing liquid or powder is thrown at you so I went and got a few more colors on me, Yay! This facilitated the glowing process under the black light placed at a few places in between, for us to get our photos clicked. I still call those my 'Neon Selfies'. I saw people wearing various glowing accessories like bracelets, bands, shoes, fancy glowing eyeglasses. It was amazing to see such a creative and colorful crowd late at night.

I have not been to the best part yet. As my 5K run(or walk) was coming to an end, I saw there was a stage built at the end for the purpose of an after-party, with live concert already going on it.

I and my heavily tired body forgot the task we just accomplished together and started grooving to the music. The #performers threw glow-based multi-colored powder packets and liquid across the audience. The audience, in turn, tossed those powdered colors in the air, later in between songs. It seemed like a whole new type of concert I had been into where there was top-notch audience participation. It went on definitely for like 2 hours after the run or maybe more as we did not hang out for long after that and went back early.

This has literally been the brightest 5K #marathon of my life and one of the best-unplanned events I would love to go again.

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