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Best time to visit Clearwater Florida

Updated: May 15, 2019

Florida is the mother of all destinations in the USA (at least I think so), I began my journey to one of the lively beaches in Florida. It is my favorite and there is a reason for that. I have never seen a white sand beach before, the sheer sight of it took my breath away. What a serene view! It has remained one of the top beaches in the USA among tourists. Best time to visit Clearwater Florida is from January to March for sunny days and September to November for the love of cool weather. The white sand was surprisingly soft on the feet & literally felt like my feet got a massaging while walking around.

The overall environment relaxed me to the core when I laid on the sand enjoying my diet coke.

White sand beach of Clearwater

Location: Clearwater Beach is located on the west coast of Florida along the Gulf of Mexico. It is closest to 2 international airports (St. Pete and Tampa).

Clearwater Beach has remained one of the top beaches in Florida and offers you numerous options to chill. However, with all the visitors flocking the venue, tough luck getting a parking spot.

Being a commercial beach, it has entertainment options for kids and adults alike. You can also listen to soothing live music or get a live painting made along the path parallel to the beach which also leads to Pier 60, one of the best spot to witness a beautiful sunset.

Pier 60 is a wooden elevation few feet above the ground which extends into the sea. It provides a breathtaking view of the coastline and the sun going down. When I started walking down the pier 60, I could see people selling souvenirs, beach-related equipment, and food items. I had a double scoop ice cream along the way.

The pier also has a telescope option for sunset watching enthusiasts who can have an unhindered look. Despite being a cloudy day, I witnessed a beautiful reddish orange sunset all the way down.

Clearwater also has a marine aquarium just a few minutes walk away from the beach. I will definitely save it for my next trip.

Tip: After sunset, everyone is leaving the beach and there will be a high chance that you might get stuck in traffic, especially during summer over weekends. We were stuck for 2 hours as we missed a turn. So leave a little early if you are in a hurry or stay on the straight road(right of way).

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