New York City

Many centuries of history and hard work has made New York city what it is today. Everything is astonishing to look at, right from modern Manhattan to bewitching Brooklyn. This was a mind-boggling experience for me which I will be sharing with you shortly. Have the USA Travel bloggers' experience with an expert travel blogger.

August 21, 2019

Hudson River is one of the prominent landmarks of New York City. The mighty river has almost encircled Manhattan, and this is what the cruise is all about - to see Manhattan Skyline. So when I say I took the Hudson Cruise I did not plan to sit behind and enjoy the ambiance but positioned myself on the front deck in the soaring wind, taking all the city has to offer.

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I had been a Software Engineer for half a decade doing my 9 to 5 job. Always craving to have new experiences with the help of travel, I started exploring places for a while. Now I love to roam around (or 'roll around' I would prefer) and share my experiences, with folks around. :) 

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